Boat trips to Three-Country Cairn/Border stone

Boat season 2020.
Due to Covid-19 the boat sails under special conditions, please see all instructions below before your journey. Please join us healthy and take care of personal hand hygiene!

Daily routines:
Advance tickets sales 9:00 – 10:00 am
-> departure 10:00 am

Advance tickets sales 2:00 – 3:00 pm
-> departure 3:00 pm

• Tickets are only sold at Kilpisjärvi, on the boat harbour. Ticket sales starts one hour before each departure, which are twice a day.
• The ticket is a prerequisite for a border crossing permit which will be admitted by the Lapland Border Guard separately for each departure. The permission is requested by the crew before departure.
• With this ticket passengers of Kilpisjärvi Cruise are entitled to:
• Cross the Finnish-Swedish border in Lake Kilpisjärvi.
• Enter Swedish side in Koltaluokta harbour
• Walk from harbour along the path to Three-Country Cairn
• Return same way back to the boat
• Passangers can also continue from Three-Country Cairn to Kilpisjärvi village via Malla Strict Nature Reserve’s path. It is possible to continue also to Norway, but only using the path from Finnish side to Norway.
• Ticket does not entitle to enter other places or regions in Sweden.
• If one wishes to walk from Kilpisjärvi village across Malla Strict Nature Reserve, enter Finnish-Swedish border to Sweden nearby Three-Country Cairn intending to come omboard in Koltaluokta harbour, one must buy a boat ticket in advance.

Ticket does not entitle to enter other places or regions in Sweden.

Round trip 30,00€/adult, 5,00€ child.
One way 25,00€/adult, 5,00€/child.
Dogs go free. Dogs are allowed on board but only under responsibility of the owner. Please notice that there are strict rules how dogs and other pets can be taken to Sweden and especially from Sweden to Finland or Norway.
Further information.

Minimum number of passengers 5 persons.
Payment: cash (€, SEK, NOK) or credit card. Note! Card payment connection doesn’t work all the time, we recommend clients to have also cash with them. Ship doesn’t have regular departure times from Koltaluokta. If there is not enough passengers from Kilpisjärvi, then ship does not go to Koltaluokta.

No bookings in advance, seat reservations only for groups over 20 person.

Group bookings and prices:
Hannele: +358 40 8485494 /

The ship carries up to 80 passengers. You will be arriving Koltaluokta within half an hour. At Koltaluokta the ship waits for approximately two hours. The return-trip lasts half an hour.

Please see hygenie recommendations and instructions.

Have a nice journey!


In 1897 a cairn was constructed by Norwegians and Russians (todays Finland), to mark the point at which the boarders converge. Sweden was not involved in the process: Norway and Sweden could not agree upon the establishment of a Boarder Comission, hence the cairn was not bejeweled with any of the three countries emblems.

In 1901 Norway and Sweden came to an agreement regarding the new Boarder Comission.
The cairn was covered in cement, but unfortunately the cementation enclosed only the upper part, and the cairn soon became heavily reduced by weather, wind and ice.

The present cairn was constructed in 1926.

Pictures from trip to the Three-Country Cairn

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